Back in 2011, we opened the first AT&T Foundry location in Plano, Texas. This launch coincided with a major milestone for AT&T that year – our first commercial deployment of 4G LTE. While no one could foresee exactly how 4G would change the world, we knew companies needed help integrating this new network capability into their operations and products. The Foundry was designed to tap into this faster, more reliable network so we could rapidly co-create, test and prove out prototypes for first-of-their-kind solutions with our business customers. And we’ve done just that. For the past 8 years, we’ve collaborated with companies large and small to catalyze rapid innovation with real business impact across dozens of projects. We’ve connected temperature-controlled medication flasks with LTE-M. We’ve placed cameras on dumpsters and used them as sensors that monitor waste levels and signal when they’re full. Ultimately, our explorations in IoT and other network technologies have helped our customers drive near-real time data insights, improve efficiencies and cut costs. It’s a unique and proven approach.

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