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Cool Blue Distribution endeavors to bring the same efficiency, quality, value, and choice that we have come to demand (if not expect) from mainstream wholesale distribution to the ever-expanding, ever-evolving cannabis industry. Today, with the laws and perceptions being as they are, that means building those roads with CBD and full-flower hemp products. But this is where it starts. Cool Blue Distribution sells only high-quality, world-class, CBD-only products, including pet chews from Treatibles ​(recently rated the #1 CBD pet treat by Green Rush Daily)​, Green Roads World, ​ ​and of course …CW™ Hemp… The World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract™! Our team believes in the vision and viability of quality CBD-/Full-flower extract Hemp-based products. Our goal is to enable retailers to acquire these products more efficiently by bringing tried-and-true supply chain practices to the industry in order to promote the awareness and availability of these products. Don has worked for the largest and smallest companies in the world and everything in between. He has experienced both incredible successes and memorable failures. Often, the difference between the two comes down to two questions: “Am I creating real value for customers, end users, team members, and stakeholders?” and “Have I surrounded myself with the best team possible?” He brings 25 years’ experience and success driving sales, building brands, and developing new business opportunities for companies seeking to create new markets or bring innovative and disruptive ideas to old ones. If you browse through people’s comments about Don on LinkedIn, you find words like Success, Leader, Energy, and Integrity….and those are just the comments from his teammates on the company softball team. The descriptions are fitting but Don will insist that it has been the people and the teams that Don has built around him that have made all the difference. The other theme you’ll notice is how often you see the words customers and partners. For Don, it is always about them…internal and external. These are the entities and individuals he serves. Without great customers, partners, and teammates, we all fail. Create value for customers, partners, end users, team members, and stakeholders and you will succeed. Period. End of story. Tip your waiters.


Scottsdale, Arizona
United States

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